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My New Shabby Chic Craft Room

Friday, April 16, 2010

My First Comment!!

Ya I got my first comment! Thank you KayKay! Now since I am new to all this I thought I would post my reply to Kay since I tried to comment on the blog and it wouldn't let me and I'm not sure if the email will go threw because it said noreply so here is my reply :)

Hi Kay & Thank You!
The counter is just 2 oak boards that we picked up at Home Depot stained and clear coated, they are 31 1/2" deep so that I could put things on the back of the counter and still have plenty of room to scrap a 12x12 layout :)
The two filing cabinets that you see on each end are actually almost as deep as the counter so they are the main support and then the floss cabinet that you see in the middle (sitting on a wooden crate from Michele's) is also acting as a support. since the filing cabinet and crate are not as deep my husband also put a 2x4 board in the back of it that goes from the floor up to the bottom of the counter. The seam from the 2 boards actually runs down the middle of the counter under the green lace table runner that you see ;)
You could also support the counter by using the craft cubes from Michele's that you see on the top of my counter, when you stack them 2 high they are the perfect height for a counter, if you gave yourself enough space on both ends of the counter to open drawers you could point the drawers out and run them all along the sides (did that make sense lol) I hope all this helped and if you have any other questions please feel free to ask :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Updated the Slide Show!

Just a quick post to let you all know I have been super busy this past week but I did get some pictures taken today and uploaded into the slide show at the bottom of the page so enjoy! I will try to post tomorrow and explain some of the pictures :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Goodwill Finds

I thought I would share a couple of goodwill finds that I found for my new room :)

At first I thought this was a bunny but after really looking at it I think it's a girl lol...either way it's cute!

This phone was very yellowed from smoke, so I cleaned it off and it is still yellow so the white spot on the cord is from me deciding what type of paint I want to use on it to make it white. The silver stands out because that part is actually done :D .......gotta love T!M lol I used silver alcohol ink :D

This is crooked in the picture but you get the idea lol
My Awesome friend Jill found the shelf at goodwill and I found the tins :)

I found the runner, the vase, the bottles and the mini album set all at goodwill too! I am using the mini albums to put my small $1 clear stamps in :)......and the greens in the picture suck lol, the runner and the wall are actually much nicer in person.

Shoe Pictures

I thought since I used one of these pictures for my profile picture I would make this my first post :) Cindi and I were out shopping one day after not seeing each other in forever and we ended up getting matching shoes and then having a fun photo shoot with them! So I recently got this program called Color Select Studio that I have been wanting forever, well it changes your pictures black and white and then you just take the little tool and drag it over what you want to put color back into. So that's what I did! I wanted to still be able to see the pink in our shoes :) I then took these old mirrors that I had found a goodwill years ago and painted the frames white, distressed them, and then applied a coat of crack paint, (I just love Tim Holtz!) and then put the pictures right on top of the mirror  and hung them in my new shabby chic scrap room!

This is just one of the projects I will be sharing with all of you :) And when I can figure out how Margie put all of her room pics in one folder I will do that too, but for now I have started a slide show below that I will keep updated as I take more pictures. If you go to Margie's blog (link on the left side under favorite blogs) and go about half way down her blog you will see photo albums with her room pictures in them....she was my inspiration for changing my room!

Trying Again!

Well the other day I started a blog because I figured all the cool scrapbooking people had one so I need one too. Well they all use Typepad so that's where I went, well after a couple of post and a lot of searching I couldn't find any of the cool things I wanted on my blog like a photo album, links section, etc. So I did a search and found this site, so far I am liking it much better although I still haven't found an add-on for a photo albums section but I figure worst case scenario I can post a link to my Webshots albums :)
So I hope you all enjoy my blog, I will be sharing my new room, altered items, scrapbooking pages and more!